My name is Miguel Alejandro Estrada. I am a web developer and designer with interests in all things related to music, the internet, and technology. This includes, but is not limited to, advances in major platforms (Mac + Windows + Android), robotics, mobile devices, and web media.

I specifically like working with languages to create a fast, responsive, and optimized websites. Some of these languages and concepts include CSS to make a website responsive on as many devices as possible, Javascript to enhance user experience, and PHP/cache to speed up websites. In addition, WordPress is my favorite CMS and I really enjoy Javascript/CSS3 animations.

Optimization and automation are two of my favorite tasks. Using my experience in the field along with tools such as CircleCI, TravisCI, and Github Actions to automate linters, keep code clean + up to Code Standards, speed up websites, and make them accessible.

I work with clients to bring not only what they want, but what they need. This sometimes involves displaying data for clients whether or not their wants will benefit their needs (e.g. flashing lights will not be great for an e-commerce website).

I like to keep up with modern internet trends and technology so I am constantly reading up on daily.dev, specific web books & magazines, several blogs, and social media sites.

On my down time I enjoy music. I like everything from listening to something new by my favorite artists, listening to some classics, or playing guitar. I enjoy a large variety of music genres and keep an open mind to new ones, as I do with most things.

Libraries / Frameworks