NU Paid Media Landing Page

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Client: National University
Role: High fidelity mockups, Developer
Multiple device presentation of NU paid media landing page

While working for my employer National University System (NUS), myself and our team were tasked with creating a new template to A/B test for conversions and match the main site more in layout and feel.
Requirements included providing more info above the requrest form info (RFI) form with anchor links which carry the user to the form at the bottom of the page, more imagery, bullet points info.

Due to the request being a 2-week turnaround, I took on the role of co-designing the template from wireframe to high-fidelity mockup. We worked in tangent inside of Adobe XD to present to the rest of the team within 2 days. After applying feedback changes from the team (including VP of Marketing, data and analytics team, and design team), I built the template using WordPress widgets and content blocks. Live collaborating with our art director was great because we were able to split components up but also communicate through slack if we needed any quick notes.

Our Director of Web Strategy and myself set up the test in Optimizely as a redirect due to the template being far too different than the original.
Testing metrics:

  • Primary metric: RFI conversions measured by “thank you” pages. Because the new template had links to the main website, we tracked conversions on either website but their entry point was the new template (Variant #1).
  • Forms submit button clicks to compare “on page” conversions we used this metric instead.

The new template had lower conversion rates than the original on both mobile devices and desktop which we attributed to the larger amount of info the user is presented since these landing pages are the URLs from the ads we delivered through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google ads.