NUSA Dev Docs

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Client: National University System
Role: Lead Developer, Maintainer
Multiple device presentation of NUSA dev docs

Inspired by Mark Otto’s Code Guide, to share our code best practices, I decided to create a codeguide (really a central hub for our dev team’s knowledge). It is a repo that the team can contribute to after having team discussions of what we agree to be the best options for the team.
Although it still contains a codeguide for the team so that the whole team is on the same page of how to read our codebases and to read/find things faster, it grew into a hub of our knowledge, tools, workflow, etc.

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Selected pages:

  • A11y section grew after working with A360 on website audits and since project leads had different a11y issues we all contrubuted our knowledge to this section.
  • Although WPVIP (hosting provider) documentation could be extensive, the preferred method of working could become tedious and sometimes need troubleshoot, the Local Environment Import came to be.
  • The Development workflow section helped onboard new team members, contractors, and any third party developers.
  • Project leads all follow the Release workflow utilizing GitHub and it’s tools so the releases would be documented. Initial steps documented by me.