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Client: National University System
Role: Lead Developer, Maintainer
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The NUS GitHub org is home to the dev teams’ projects (some projects are private).

Dev Knowledge Hub

More information on the project page for this repo.

Site Tree WP plugin

A “utility” plugin to display a “site tree” of content along with hero/featured images as a reference for the design team.
Helpful for new campaign launches to define what images need to be updated. At NUS, websites had hero/featured images “trickle-down” to child post types, if the hero/featured image was needed to save time.

Dev Toolbox

Another “utility” plugin that is for local development and is to be installed in the “mu-plugins” folder (“client-mu-plugins” if developing for WPVIP setup).

Gravity Forms NUS Customization

With Gravity Forms being the preferred form management tool for the NUS websites, several customization features were needed.
Features include:

  • Several custom fields including:
  • Custom field markup
  • Live and custom validation
  • Expansion of the native “consent” field
  • Extra security